Recruiting Gifted Leaders

Our collective partnership applies more than a combined century of hard-won executive search expertise to its search engagements. Before coming to Grant Cooper, our partners and many of our executive search consultants enjoyed long and fruitful careers in healthcare and other professional venues. We understand the challenges organizations face better than most because we’ve faced those challenges ourselves. Our executive search professionals are unmatched when it comes to identifying and recruiting superior executive talent. Discover how we help our clients meet their leadership needs across these varied areas:

  • Integrated Delivery Systems

    We specialize in placing physician and non-physician executives at the upper levels of these large, complex organizations. Our search professionals identify the leaders best suited to meet your organization’s unique challenges.
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  • Academic Medicine

    With a wealth of knowledge in the academic space, our search team is perfectly positioned to pinpoint and procure even the most specialized academic physicians. Let us recruit the appropriate academic talent to further your mission.
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  • Physician Group Practice

    Our search team deploys comprehensive and current candidate databases of physician and non-physician medical group executives. We find and attract exceptional executive talent capable of leading your group into the future.
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  • Community-Based Medical Centers

    Our team understands the challenges facing freestanding rural and critical access facilities. We recruit leaders who can ably interact with the population, serve as pillars of the community, and welcome small town or rural living.
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  • Children’s Hospitals

    Because we understand the population and reimbursement considerations unique to pediatric medicine, our search team is able to find every eligible candidate who possesses your desired attributes and subspecialty expertise.
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  • Managed Care Leadership

    When you need a leader capable of adjusting to an ever-changing marketplace, you can rely on us. We find and place the candidate most qualified to help your organization succeed while continuing to provide cost-effective, high-quality care.
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  • Growth Stage Healthcare

    With exceptional expertise and resources, our search professionals provide entrepreneurial organizations with the appropriate candidates — leaders who can take fledging companies from experimentation to application.
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  • Non-Profit and Governmental

    Extensive vetting ensures that we find candidates who are not only able to interact successfully with community representatives and stakeholder groups to raise funds, but leaders who also demonstrate a passion for your mission.
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  • Consumer, Commercial, and Industrial

    Acting as a trusted partner, we help consumer, commercial, and industrial entities attract the most talented executives. To ensure your success, we recruit candidates who properly align with the existing organizational culture and desired goals.
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    Let our experts find your next gifted leader.


Our executive search solutions draw deeply from this well of industry experience, and our executive search consultants possess unmatched know-how in the areas of integrated delivery systems, adult and children’s hospitals, medical groups, academic medicine, managed care leadership, non-profit, and growth stage healthcare. Current and future success in healthcare requires significant knowledge of the changing healthcare environment as well as an understanding of leadership and management competencies. As an early pioneer in executive search, we possess nearly 60 years of institutional experience and we have a firm grasp of the rapidly evolving healthcare and executive environments.

Because of the boutique nature of our firm, Grant Cooper encounters fewer conflicts than our competitors. This gives us access to a significantly larger pool of executives and enables us to find and place the most gifted leaders in your organization.