Workforce Diversity

The Importance of Workforce Diversity

Over the past several decades, workforce diversity has become an essential component to developing and nurturing a healthy and thriving professional environment for healthcare organizations nationally and across the globe. The increased interest in embracing and practicing diversity and inclusion (D&I) standards has become vital to today’s savvy healthcare leaders. More than just a banner […]

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Timing in Academic Recruitment

It is said in the business world that “Time kills all deals.” A 2017 study published in Academic Medicine reporting on data from 139 academic searches found that the hiring organization’s satisfaction by the length of the search was greatest when the search lasted between one and nine months. Satisfaction remained high through the 18-month […]

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A Social Media Screening Checklist for Employers

Social media screening can be a valuable tool for recruiters, hiring managers and employers alike, as it provides a unique insight into a candidate’s personality that might not be gleaned during the interview process. Despite some employers’ initial concerns about using social media to screen candidates, a recent survey revealed that this type of research […]

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Getting the Most From the Executive Search Process

The executive hiring process is extensive and rigorous, with highly competitive markets. When clients need proven and successful leaders in their organization, they often turn to a retained executive search firm, such as Grant Cooper. A well-executed search process employs several key strategies to ensure the right candidate is placed at the right organization at […]

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How-To Guide for Physician Executives Preparing for a Video Interview

Preparing for a physician executive interview via video can seem daunting, but implementing the following suggestions from members Grant Cooper’s experienced leadership team will help make a video interview a success. Below, Grant Cooper partners Carrie Hackett and Ed Stout share their top tips for physician executive video interview preparation.

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Effective Skills For Physician Executives

In matters of health and wellness, physicians are considered authorities. However, the skills healthcare providers use to guide their patients to optimal health do not necessarily translate to leadership expertise in other areas. Those who want to transition into a physician executive leadership position must polish their talents in other areas, and organizations seeking leaders […]

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