Executive Search Solutions For
Non-Profits and Government Agencies

Non-Profit organizations play a vital role in society by focusing resources on causes and services seen as non-starters to most profit driven entities. Through durable ties with their communities and constituents, Non-Profit organizations aid in the uplift and upkeep of civic benefits, community development, and public well-being. Similarly, Governmental agencies assume responsibility for the infrastructure and services the public relies upon to facilitate daily life. Executive recruiting extensively at both the local and national level, Grant Cooper has helped countless Non-Profit and Governmental organizations find the talent they need to fulfill their missions.

Our Approach

Grant Cooper understands the challenges specific to these organizations and the requirements for recruiting in this space. The path to a successful placement begins with a detailed understanding of what our clients are striving to accomplish. With our client’s goals and mission in mind, we craft tailored and comprehensive databases to capture every eligible candidate possessing the desired attributes. Our firm is expert in working with Boards and Search Committees to both respect candidate confidentiality and rigorously adhere to public disclosure laws. Navigating these intricacies often proves vital to the executive recruitment process and allows for unrestricted access to a broader pool of suitable and willing candidates. Grant Cooper’s Research Strategists are exhaustive in their approach and produce not only more candidates but the right candidates. Throughout the search process, Grant Cooper’s partners continually interface with our Non-Profit and Government clients to solicit feedback and reshape search parameters as needed to guarantee an exceptional fit.

Attributes of a Successful Non-Profit and Government Candidates

The key to successful placements is a demonstrable passion for our client’s mission, and we vet extensively to confirm that commitment is present and abundant. Given the constant need for fundraising at Non-Profit organizations, candidates must be able to meaningfully interact with community representatives and stakeholder groups to tell a compelling story and raise funds. In the case of Government agencies, candidates should demonstrate the financial skills to ensure the organization can thrive within budgetary constraints. While Non-Profit and Governmental organizations operate in a different financial framework than for-profit entities, leadership and business savvy are crucial components to ensure continual organizational success.

Client Successes

Grant Cooper Senior Client Partner Kent Rapp and Senior Consultant Julie Zuick have developed a rich network of leaders in the Non-Profit and Governmental space. We have substantial expertise placing candidates in a range of roles to help these organizations contribute their unique threads to the social fabric.