Executive Search Services For Managed Care Leadership

Since their rapid proliferation in the early 1970s, Managed Care organizations have driven efficacy and efficiency within the healthcare industry. Today, Managed Care organizations touch the lives of roughly 230 million Americans and serve as a central pillar of the modern healthcare environment. Historic shifts in healthcare reform have fundamentally altered the marketplace and expectations for Managed Care organizations are an ever-changing target, but payor entities will continue to play a vital role in this ongoing transformation. Whether for-profit or non-profit, commercial or governmental, these organizations have partnered with Grant Cooper to find influential Managed Healthcare executives to navigate these multifaceted and unpredictable challenges.

Our Executive Search Approach

As a healthcare executive search firm, Grant Cooper is well positioned to provide Managed Care organizations with the leaders they need to adjust to a frequently tumultuous marketplace. We possess the network and proven experience to find and place the most appropriate candidates who will help our clients obtain organizational success, health services management and provide cost-effective and high-quality care to managed populations. Managed Care leadership requirements vary from payor to payor and role to role, but Grant Cooper gains a direct appreciation for each organization’s needs during on-site consultations and we use that knowledge to gauge the aptitude of each candidate we present.

Attributes of a Successful Managed Healthcare Executive Candidate

When examining candidates for executive and physician Managed Care leadership roles, we vet extensively to find candidates with a demonstrated passion for population health and a desire to influence healthcare policy. These leaders need to possess the ability to act as an exemplary representative for their organization, rally a diverse team, and make a significant impact within a vast and layered structure. Healthcare executive search candidates must also display a deep understanding of marketplace dynamics, the intricacies of plan design, and strategies for successful provider negotiations. If the candidate in question is a practicing physician looking to move into the Managed Care environment, we ask probative questions to determine their reasoning and readiness to deemphasize clinical work for a career in an administrative business environment. In all cases, the hallmark of a promising Managed Healthcare executive is a constant dedication to the improvement of care quality and a sharp focus on cost effectiveness.

Client Successes

Grant Cooper has developed a rich network of leaders in the Managed Care space, and we have developed significant experience placing executives in a range of roles to help our clients reach their organizational aspirations.

Work With Our Experts

Grant Cooper is a retained executive search firm working principally in healthcare to identify and recruit superior executive talent for our clients.