Integrated Delivery Systems Executive Search Solutions

In recent years, Integrated Delivery Systems have emerged as the prevailing method to control healthcare costs and increase the quality of patient care. By seamlessly coordinating activities and data between hospitals, employed physician groups, and insurance plans, Integrated Delivery Systems strive to eliminate inefficiency, misalignment, and fragmentation. Through the application of accountable care models, Integrated Delivery Systems deploy innovative clinical and financial mechanisms to improve the health of entire populations. As shifts in healthcare become increasingly unpredictable, Integrated Delivery Systems possess the economy of scale and the institutional intelligence required to advance care in a changing environment.

Our Executive Search Approach

Grant Cooper is well positioned to supply Integrated Delivery Systems with the leadership required to maneuver through an ever-changing healthcare landscape. We specialize in placing physician and non-physician executives in the upper echelons of these large, complex organizations. Requirements for success in Integrated Delivery Systems vary from system to system and role to role, but Grant Cooper has the proven experience and the extensive network to ensure we place the most appropriate leaders to enable our clients to meet the challenges their organizations face. We gain a direct appreciation for those challenges during on-site consultations, and we use that knowledge to gauge the aptitude of each candidate we present.

Attributes of a Successful Integrated Delivery Systems Candidate

At the senior system-wide level, we look for executives who have demonstrated a deep appreciation for all branches of the organizations they will be leading. Candidates must display a well-rounded professional history and the tenacity to move initiatives forward in highly matrixed organizations. Leaders need both the forcefulness to advance agendas and the interpersonal charisma to obtain consensus for change. Division and department leaders in an Integrated Delivery System must be skilled and dedicated specialists who enjoy the challenge of intradepartmental collaboration while working to optimize the areas under their purview. Regardless of organizational tier, Grant Cooper is adept at locating and attracting top talent for Integrated Delivery Systems.

Client Successes

Our work in this space is extensive, and we have partnered with many Integrated Delivery Systems to meet a range of executive search needs. Grant Cooper has helped dozens of prominent health systems develop teams of sophisticated executives.