Growth Stage Healthcare Executive Recruitment

The proliferation of new tools for the collection and analysis of data and the introduction of innovative care delivery systems which prioritize value over volume present new challenges and new opportunities for the healthcare space. Whether they are using data to draw insights into care and outcomes, applying technology to approach care in new ways, or creating new venues and models for physicians to interact with patients, Growth Stage Healthcare companies are addressing these challenges and fundamentally transforming healthcare.

Our Healthcare Executive Recruitment Approach

Grant Cooper is well positioned to provide Growth Stage Healthcare companies with the leaders they need to take their organizations from experimentation to application. We specialize in placing physician and non-physician executives to usher concepts to fruition and provide the expertise and credibility needed to turn innovative theories into real-world solutions. The requirements for success in Growth Stage Healthcare vary from one company to another, but we possess the network and proven experience to ensure we place the most appropriate candidates to help our client organizations introduce new modes of thinking into the marketplace.

Attributes of Successful Growth Stage Healthcare Executive Candidates

The success of these candidates depends primarily on two factors – cultural fit and a willingness to assume a risk. Growth Stage Healthcare companies are entrepreneurial by nature, and they offer the right candidate a high potential upside if the company performs well. But, as funding sources are not always guaranteed at these emerging organizations, candidates must also be prepared to weather financial challenges not usually encountered in more established institutions. Whether it is an energetic upstart with an entrepreneurial bent, or a seasoned and secure professional who is seeking an exciting capstone to their career, we thoroughly vet the candidate’s comfort in navigating uncharted waters. We also work diligently to ensure the candidates we present share our client’s drive and dedication to reshaping healthcare. Just as in every search we conduct, fit is of paramount importance.

Client Successes

Grant Cooper has developed a rich network of leaders in the Growth Stage Healthcare space, and we have developed significant experience placing executive candidates in a range of roles to help these fledgling companies thrive.

Work With Our Experts

Grant Cooper is a retained executive search firm working principally in healthcare to identify and recruit superior executive talent for our clients.