Community-Based Medical Center Executive Search Solutions

Community-Based Medical Centers rest at the heart of the nation’s cities, small towns, and rural regions. As the only venue for care within a given distance, these medical centers develop relationships with their patients as enduring as the bond between good neighbors. As the primary caretakers of their town’s or region’s population, Community-Based Medical Centers emphasize the early detection of disease, the identification of environmental and occupational health hazards, and the prevention of illness in their approach to patient care. The key to treating these communities is knowing them, and nowhere is the depth of that knowledge more apparent than in the examining rooms of Community-Based Medical Centers.

Our Healthcare Executive Search Approach

Grant Cooper understands the challenges specific to free-standing, rural, and critical access facilities, and the challenges posed by recruiting to remote locales. The leaders and boards of remote Community-Based Medical Centers sometimes assume, often mistakenly, that their locations have little to offer exceptional candidates. But, just as there’s a buyer for every house, there’s a candidate for every town, and Grant Cooper is expert at explaining the unique value proposition of small towns and rural living. Gaining an appreciation for that value is the first step in describing it to candidates, and Grant Cooper’s partners engage in thorough site visits to get a sense of our clients’ communities and cultures. We speak to hospital administration, physicians, board members, and community leaders to understand their expectations and the particular considerations their medical centers require. Armed with that firsthand information, Grant Cooper sets to work.

Attributes of Successful Community-Based Medical Center Candidates

In the case of Community-Based Medical Centers, fit, beyond a multitude of other factors, determines success. The leaders of these facilities often become de facto leaders of the community, and they must desire, and be ready for, the weight of that responsibility and visibility. When something goes right or wrong at the medical center, our placements are going to hear about it, not just in the boardroom, but in the aisles of the grocery store as well. Grant Cooper vets candidates extensively on their readiness and inclination to act as pillars of the community. Our executive search candidates must also reflect the cultural distinctiveness of the communities they serve, and we strive to find candidates who will interact naturally with the population under their care. Along with the strengths of their credentials and accomplishments, we ensure our candidates will feel right at home in their new role.

Client Successes

Through our work in this space, Grant Cooper has developed an extensive network of rural and regional healthcare leaders, and we have developed significant experience placing executive search candidates in a range of roles within Community-Based Medical Centers.