Consumer, Commercial, and Industrial Executive Search Solutions

Established in 1957, Grant Cooper was an early pioneer in executive search and recruited countless executives for the defense and aerospace sectors. Throughout the years, our business has evolved and expanded to encompass a broad range of industries. We’ve partnered with a multitude of businesses, financial institutions, commercial entities, utilities, and manufacturers to place meaningful talent within their organizations. The world may have changed quite a bit since 1957, but Grant Cooper continues to maintain a robust recruiting practice in the Consumer, Commercial, and Industrial space.

Our Executive Recruitment Approach

Grant Cooper has led strategic recruitment initiatives for C-suite, general management, and functional leaders for a vast array of industry sectors across the United States. Our clients have spanned industries ranging from Fortune 500 multinational corporations to public and private mid-cap and small-cap businesses. We work directly with executive leaders, boards, and search committees, and the relationships we forge are reflected in the high percentage of repeat assignments we receive from these clients. Due to the boutique nature of our firm, we prioritize the pursuit of enduring partnerships with a select number of clients and experience less blockage than our competitors. This lends Grant Cooper access to a significantly larger candidate pool and we have the infrastructure and expertise to pinpoint and procure the most desirable talent. We understand the importance of diversity in the executive candidate pool and we are committed to the pursuit of candidates who are currently underrepresented in leadership roles. Our national reach allows us to find candidates who are representative of the diverse communities they serve and are reflective of the country’s many peoples and cultures.

Attributes of a Successful Consumer,
Commercial, and Industrial Candidate

As with each search Grant Cooper conducts, candidate fit is of utmost importance to the ultimate success of a placement, and our partners work alongside boards, search committees, shareholders, and candidates to ensure proper alignment with the existing or desired organizational culture. We vet commercial and industrial candidates thoroughly and explore the underlying motivation which has defined their careers. Grant Cooper looks at success holistically, valuing both a candidate’s personal achievements and the success of the organizations for which they were responsible. We are not simply an executive search firm, but rather a trusted partner, helping your organization attract the most talented executives.

Client Successes

Grant Cooper Senior Client Partners Kent Rapp and Julie Zuick have developed a rich network of leaders in the Consumer, Commercial and Industrial space. Our firm has substantial expertise placing candidates in a range of roles to help these organizations thrive and expand.

Work With Our Experts

Grant Cooper is a retained executive search firm working to identify and recruit superior executive talent for our clients.