Children’s Hospital Executive Search Firm

From infancy to adolescence, Children’s Hospitals treat the most fragile and vulnerable among us. Whether using preventative measures to keep children healthy, or providing interventional care for critically injured and ill patients, pediatric specialists work diligently and collaboratively to heal kids and give comfort to their families. With emphasis not only on the physical health but also the psychosocial well-being of their patients, pediatric clinicians practice in a singularly patient- and family-centered environment. Owing to a unique payor and patient mix, Children’s Hospitals must also consider health on a broader basis, treating not just individual patients, but communities and populations as a whole.

Our Approach

Grant Cooper has the expertise and experience necessary to ensure Children’s Hospitals have access to the pool of talent they need to expand and enhance the delivery of care. The path to a successful placement begins with a detailed understanding of what our clients are striving to accomplish. With these institutional goals in mind, we craft tailored and comprehensive databases to capture every eligible candidate possessing the desired attributes. As the number of pediatric subspecialists in a given field can be low, it is critical to locate and contact every potential candidate. Grant Cooper’s Research Strategists are exhaustive in their healthcare executive search approach and fluent in the language of pediatric care. We produce not only more candidates, but the right candidates. Throughout the hospital executive search process, Grant Cooper’s partners continually interface with our Children’s Hospital clients to solicit feedback and reshape search parameters as needed to guarantee an exceptional fit.

Attributes of Successful Healthcare Executive Search Candidates In Children’s Hospitals

We look for candidates with a keen familiarity of the population and reimbursement considerations specific to pediatric medicine. More often than not, these candidates come from other exceptional pediatric institutions. Because Grant Cooper is a boutique firm with a limited number of select client partners, we experience less blockage than our competitors and we have access to a substantially larger pool of hospital executive candidates. As new modes of thinking are applied to pediatric patient populations, we have increasingly found innovative candidates in other fields with the transferable skill set needed to transform approaches to population health.

Client Successes

Grant Cooper has an intimate working knowledge of the nation’s top Children’s Hospitals and the institutional intelligence to navigate pediatric medicine’s many sciences and subspecialties. We are well-positioned to find the exact candidate our clients need to heal children and keep them healthy.

Work With Our Experts

Grant Cooper is a retained executive search firm working principally in healthcare to identify and recruit superior executive talent for our clients.