Academic Medicine Executive Search

The future of medicine is forged in academic institutions. Serving as the proving ground for leading-edge research, the venue for innovative patient care, and the crucible for emerging students, residents, and fellows, Academic Medicine plays an indispensable role in the advancement of healthcare. Whether an academic institution is seeking to bolster its portfolio of groundbreaking research, expand and enhance its clinical practice, or nurture a pool of skilled physicians to provide care to the surrounding community, Grant Cooper is ideally situated to help institutions strengthen each pillar of the tripartite academic mission.

Our Approach

Grant Cooper is eminently well versed in the language, funding mechanisms, and varying missions of Academic Medicine and several of our partners enjoyed vaunted tenures in academic institutions before joining Grant Cooper. We are intimately familiar with the specific requirements found in state-funded and private universities and possess the know-how to skillfully navigate the intricacies, and occasionally competing priorities, of interdepartmental search committees. Regardless of the size of a candidate pool, Grant Cooper has both the infrastructure and expertise to pinpoint and procure even the most specialized academic physicians. At the outset of each executive search, we deploy robust and up-to-date candidate databases which comply specifically to the required parameters of any given role.

Our Research Strategists employ resources such as RePORTER and to scour the entirety of desirable candidates and ensure every suitable candidate is contacted. Due to the boutique nature of our firm which prioritizes the pursuit of enduring partnerships with a select number of academic institutions, we experience less blockage than our competitors and have access to a significantly larger candidate pool.

Attributes of Successful Academic Medicine Candidates

As with each search Grant Cooper conducts, candidate fit is of tantamount importance to the ultimate success of a placement. Our team works alongside deans, search committees, and candidates to ensure proper alignment. Whether the target is a researcher, a clinician, or an educator, we vet academic medicine candidates thoroughly and explore the underlying motivation which has defined their careers. Grant Cooper looks at success holistically, valuing both their personal achievement and the accomplishments of the department or division for which they were responsible. If an academic institution is focused primarily on obtaining researchers, we examine the source and extent of funding and adeptly assist in the negotiations for facilities, equipment, and staff.

Client Successes

A multitude of AAMC medical schools have relied upon Grant Cooper for our expertise in recruiting a broad array of academic talent and supporting all aspects of their academic mission. In many cases, Grant Cooper has served as the academic medicine recruiter of choice with the capacity to build entire divisions and departments for our academic clients. Grant Cooper enables academic institutions to further their commitment to the ongoing education of care providers and biomedical scientists who contribute new knowledge through their research programs and advance the science of healthcare.